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Wine of the Week: Domaine la Bastide Syrah 2010

January 9th, 2014


Que syrah, syrah….True, the lyrics to that lovely song may not be spelt that way, but this syrah will be, exactly what it should be: ripe, red, and luscious.  Domaine la Bastide Syrah Vielles Vignes 2010 offers a beautiful combination of black Pepper and black cherries, purple plum and cassis on the nose and a full, ripe dark fruit flavour. It has a strong finish, and is polished in texture.  Grown on the sunny slopes of the Mediteranean hillsides on the north end of the Appellation “Corbières.” The grapes are left on the vine to attain ideal ripeness before being picked in the evening or early dawn, which allows Domaine la Bastide to harvest the grapes at a chilled temperature. Pairs beautifully with all sorts of grilled red meats and cured cheeses.