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Wine of the Week: Tour des Gendres Classic Rouge 2010

August 8th, 2013

th_6ec9360bdb1e5ecf815eed4b603db6dc_labeltdgrougeGarnet red with violet hues, the color on the Tour des Gendres Classic Rouge 2010 is profound.  The nose is clear and powerful, with ripe fruit and sweet spices.  The palate has fine structure, and ends on a nice sweetness.  Raspberry and cherry fruit enveloped in vanilla and savory cedar wood.  This is a wonderful, organic wine with crisp, cool, unmasked flavors.

This Domain has been run organically for nearly 20 years now, and the soil is rich with life.  Herbicides destroy life in the soil, but natural compost promotes life in the basement and reveals the character of the soil.  The strength of these vines have naturally changed the taste of the wine over the years, the alcohol level is lowered, the natural acidity is increase, the mineral character of the land is stated on the red and white wines, tannins are rip and soft and the flavors are typical of their plot of origin.  The persistence of these features perfect the style of Tour des Gendres wines. These qualities are appreciated by wine lovers, and are easily recognizable.