The Domaine was created by Jean-Pierre Gaussen and his wife Julia in 1962. Located in the heart of the best land in Bandol on the hill between the Castellet and La Cadiere d’Azure. Starting with just over 1 ha, he purchased land piece by piece over the years, creating the vineyard and planting each vine himself, so that now the oldest part of the vineyard is reaching 50 years of age. The average age of the vines are about 30 years old. He also built his cellar and house. Gravity does most of the work in the cellar. It is located in a natural cave where the temperature is naturally cool. The style of wine produced by Gaussen is very traditional, but the cellar has all modern equipment which allows him to perfectly control the vinification process for all his wines..

Jean-Pierre is a very old school farmer who has always farmed without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. When asked about his thoughts on Organic and Biodynamic farming, his response is, “I don’t know the rules, I just farm the way I always have.”

Bandol Rouge Longue Garde 2014 Label

Bandol Rouge Longue Garde 2014

95% Mourvèdre 5% Grenache Low yields, Natural yeasts 100% destemmed fermentations for about 15 days 18 months in foudres (custom made to fit the cellar dimensions that are from 2 to 12 years old)

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