40km South of Lyon in the Rhône Valley, the Condrieu and Côte Rôtie AOC’s stretch alongside 30km of river.

The Estate
The cellar is located in the heart of the Condrieu village on one of the town’s most ancient streets. The old workshop was restored in 1992 and has ever since housed the barrels and wine storehouses.

The Estate was founded in 1988 by Yves Gangloff and his partner Mathilde. At the time, it consisted of 1.5 ha in Côte Rôtie and 1.5 hectares in Condrieu. Today the estate stretches over 3 hectares in Côte Rôtie on the communes of Ampuis and Tupin-Semons and 2 hectares in Condrieu.

The Soil
The estate’s unique dry, white wine comes from two lieux-dits : le Côteau de Chéry with South-Southeastern exposure and la Côte Bonnette with South-Southwestern exposure. This sandy and rocky soil, composed mainly of granite, is held in by low walls of dry rock on slopes that are sometimes dizzying.
Varietal: Viognier

The two Côte Rôtie wines produced at the estate share three lieux-dits [“areas” –we don’t have an equivalent for this word in English], Côte Rozier, made up of schist and mica-schist, Combard-Mollard and Côteau de Tupin, both of which are made up of granite and quartz.
Varietals: Syrah and Viognier

Since the composition of the hillsides is identical for both appellations, the work, which is only somewhat mechanized, is the same. The whole year through, the workforce is committed to practicing cultivation that is respectful and considerate of the terroir, controlling the robustness of the vines and their yield in order to obtain grapes that are healthy and ripe for the harvest. Each season brings a unique type of work. In winter, besides tending to the size of the grapes and the trellising, mending rock walls takes up a great amount of time. After the summer, the harvest is the most greatly anticipated time of year. Not only does it mark the culmination of the year’s work but it is also a festive period. A team of regular workers makes up the hub of those 10 days of intense work, and the ambiance is both sociable and professional.

Gangloff Condrieu 2020 Label

Gangloff Condrieu 2020

Viognier grapes are gathered at optimum ripeness and are quickly casked following pressing. Barrel maturing (depending on the vintage, between 20 and 40% in fresh wood, Nevers and Allier) for 12 months.

Gangloff La Barbarine 2019 Label

Gangloff La Barbarine 2019

This wine, composed of 90% Syrah and 10% Viognier, from the slopes of Tupin and Combard, spends three weeks in stainless steel tanks. 90% destemming. Work centers around the pumping over and punching down so that the terroir can express all its elegance and the wine its finesse. Maturation in barrels (two to four wines), not in fresh/new wood, from 20 to 22 months.

Gangloff La Sereine Noire 2019 Label

Gangloff La Sereine Noire 2019

This wine shares the lieux-dits of Combard- Mollard and Côte Rozier, which grow the oldest vines of the estate (average age is 40 years). Vinification is identical to Barbarine but focuses on the moderate extraction of the Syrah (100%). Destemming from 50 to 70%. The idea is to work the soil more but not the grape. Maturation in barrels, 50 to 80% in fresh/new wood, the others in barrels for one to two wines for two to 24 months.

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